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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ginny Lloyd (2 more) and Jas Felter (1 more) - BENNU Asteroid Mission - 2016

NASA called all space enthusiasts to send their artistic endeavors on a journey aboard NASA’s Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft. This will be the first U.S. mission to collect a sample of an asteroid and return it to Earth for study.

The OSIRIS-REx launch window opens on September 3, 2016. The launch period will last for 39 days, with a 30 minute window available each day. OSIRIS-REx will leave Cape Canaveral, Florida on an Atlas V rocket in the 411 configuration. Throughout the 39 days the characteristic energy (C3) is fixed at 29.3km2/s2, for a launch vehicle capability of 1955 kg.
The 411 configuration adds a single strap-on solid booster rocket to the first stage. The Atlas V rocket uses a Russian-built RD-180 engine burning kerosene and liquid oxygen to power its first stage, and an American-built RL10 engine burning liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen to power its Centaur upper stage.
The fairing separates in preparation for the release of the spacecraft from the Centaur upper stage.

The window for departing Bennu opens in March 2021. At this time OSIRIS-REx will fire the main engines and leave Bennu with a speed of 0.32 km/s (716 mph). This burn will place OSIRIS-REx on a ballistic trajectory that intersects the orbit of the Earth in September 2023. Return to the museum when it arrives to celebrate.

by Jas Felter

by Ginny Lloyd
by Ginny Lloyd

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Alexander Kholopov - RUSSIA - 1948 to 2016

Tribute from Natalie Lamanova

Artistamps by Natalie Lamanova

 We lived together more then 30 years.
He was  - my love, my husband, my best friend,  my teacher, my assistant...
My loss is huge and irretrievable. 

I'll never forget him.

Natalie Lamanova

The last exhibition devoted to Alexander Kholopov's Fortieth day, 13 February -19 Ferbruary, in Zverev Center, Moscow. Two photos of the exhibition, first photo of exposition with artistamp series "Best people of Ex-USSR", 1999 on right, and drafts on left for the artistamps series "Best sewerage for the best people", 1996. Author of this two series is  Alexander Kholopov. 

Second photo: artists Nickolay Krastschin, Natalie Lamanova, Konstantin Kukhtin, Slava Vinogradov in front of enlargerd image of artistamp selfportrait of Alexander.

Tribute from Steve Smith:
Artitstamp sheet by Steve Smith
The art of Alexander Kholopov can be seen as an example of the
finest work emerging from Mail Art.  His many innovative projects
produced work that reflected his command of composition and color,
mirroring an active intellect and imagination.  The richness of his
imagery gave us a unique vision of the world in which he lived.
Sasha was a fine artist and a generous friend who will be sadly
missed by the International Mail Art community. 
Written by Harley with images by Steve Smith.

Tribute from Jas Felter:
The fortieth day post mortem is of cultural significance in Russia and Natalie Lamanova is putting on an exhibition of Alexander's work to coincide with his fortieth day.
Photo by: Jas, Natasha and Sasha in Moscow, Dec. 1998.
Celebrating Alexander Kholopov's Fortieth day - the day when the soul of the deceased finally leaves our earth.

RIP Sasha.
Artistamp by Jas Felter

Tribute from Bobbi Mastrangelo 
Read how a USA Artist become acquainted with Russian Artists in Moscow

Tribute from Vanessa Kister
 Love to Natalie Lamanova❤
Artistamp by Vanessa Kister - Brasil

If you would like to make a commemorative sheet or single stamp it can be added to this post. Deadline: March 31st.