Sunday, February 8, 2015

Aida's Musings

EF Higgins
A day deep in the Archive of Ginny Lloyd’s “Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum and Archive” was a real treat and a respite for me. Adding to bulging binders the newly submitted pages of these hybrid creations gave me a rare glimpse into this spin off of an established art form. Postage stamps have long been collectible for their design and artistry. They have the power to commemorate big events and personalities in a small format. These Artistamps, likewise are precious and collectable compositional gems, a tiny showcase of the “elements of design” which I can still visualize lining the upper borders of my seventh grade art class: line, form, color, direction, texture, value, unity…what was the eighth? Oh yes, repetition!
S Lackner
Having majored in design ( I used my subscription to Graphis magazine as a lifeline into the world of visual ideas while I raised a family and worked at an early career in fine art), I feel a strong connection to the graphic quality of the imagery. Various illustrative techniques are employed and shrinky-dinked down to a scale that we find all too familiar in a world where the Technicolor widescreen of old has deferred to the iphone screen…it IS a mad mad world after all. Collage, typography, kinetic art, graffiti, satire, order and chaos, the beautiful and horrific, it’s all there…in miniature. But, in the end, It is the the little holes that seal the deal!...Perfection is in the perforations.
Alexander and Natalie

Watts and Renee
Indeed, I met Ginny Lloyd over an antique perforator that she acquired with a grant from “Women Supporting the Arts”. I was able to finally toy with the thing after a lecture that Ginny gave at the Martin County Arts Council in Stuart, Florida. I made mincemeat of a Canadian five dollar bill and a gum wrapper as well.( I did not come as prepared as I should have but improvised with the contents of my purse). 

Darlene A
I encountered a link to a potent video on Ginny’s website. A woman demonstrates a perforation technique utilizing tiny, sharpened, hollow brass tubing, inserted like a needle into the sewing machine. I flashed back to my earliest sewing memories where I imagined myself driving along the paper templates which traced the stitch path; straight ways and into the curves, the exhilaration of acceleration!  To know I have the stuff to perforate my own artistamps in the women’s corner of the “Manroom” is empowering.

In Artistamps the perforations can be tidy boxes separating identical images or they can dissect a larger image at random angles. This rampant deconstruction, “any thing goes” mentality found amid the pages of the Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum keeps me turning pages with surprise and delight.

Caution, Artists at Play.

Ginny is working on the fifth volume of her Artistamps catalogue. They are also posted here on the museum’s website:

Note: Images are of a few of Aida's favorites in the collection.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In the Belly of the Archive

One foggy day in January artists Aida Fry and Cheryl Ritland, both interested in seeing the collection upfront and personal, joined me in the archive to help get the backlog of filing closer to completion. Because of the volume and so many different aka's to research the work moves steady but slow. Both women are professionals in the interior design field and appreciated the artistic output.

So to everyone keep up the good work and long live artistamps. Perhaps Aida and Cheryl may make their own issues soon.

Cheryl admires the artwork.

Aida is reorganizer plus!

I made it to the T's! Holding T.H.E. Hill submission.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Friend Catherine Asks

Say, I noticed that you haven't added anything new to since July and so am wondering if maybe you are winding down your artistamp sheet collecting activity?

I sent you a sheet a few months ago that's not posted yet, and now I have a couple new artistamp sheets, but am wondering if I should send them or not?

HI Catherine –
Glad to hear from you. Not winding down just been focused on getting the Inter DADA book out (140 pages of art mired with tech issues along the way) and then a series of shows/exhibits, new photo works, and now holidays. Behind the scenes been filing works and reorganizing binders – out grown ones – and hope to get some help with this. One day of help so far which means it goes at a snail’s pace. My other blogs doc more on my latest.

So short answer is yes keep sending!

Happy Holidaze, Everyone!


Rickie Report Likes Our Stamps

Anna Banana's International Artist's Post
A recent interview for a local Web zine included samples of artistamps from the museum's collection. Take a look in November 2014…scroll down the page.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dragonfly Dream (Alice Kitselman) 1961 - 2014

Another wonderful artistamp artist has left this realm. R.I.P. Dragonfly Dream - I met Alice through the mail and love her work. Sorry to see her go.

Commemorative stamp by Jas Felter. 

Eleanor Kent 1931 - 2014

Eleanor Kent, one of the San Francisco Bay Area artists to make artistamps has died. Her work with fractals is documented in her artiststamps. I met Eleanore in 1980 during her participation in my Copy Art Exhibition. She let many local artists make copy art on her copier in the 80s and we shared an interest in the artistic use of technology.
Read more abour her at: Artist Eleanor Kent of S.F. dies 

Commemorative stamp by Jas Felter.