Thursday, May 9, 2013

Poster - Simon Fraser University Gallery - CANADA - 1983

Exhibition of Buster Cleveland and EF Higgins III artistamps. They are pictured here in NYC, NY. See our for sale items to get a copy.

Poster - Kunoldstrasse - GERMANY - 1984

A project by Jurgen Olbrich in 1984.

Poster - Davidson Galleries - Washington, USA - 1989

Two versions of a poster by Jas Felter with actual sheets of artistamps attached.

Exhibition - Museo Minimo - ITALY - 2013

artisti partecipanti:
ITALIA: Tiziana Baracchi - Marcello Diotallevi -  GaMa FoGa - Roberto Sanchez
AUSTRIA: Helmut King
CANADA: Dale Roberts
GERMANIA:  Peter Küstermann - Angela Pähler - Petra Weimer
OLANDA: Ko De Jonge - EverArts
RUSSIA: Yuri Gik
USA:  Reed Altemus - Ginny Lloyd

a cura di Giancarlo DA LIO e Roberto SANCHEZ
dal 7 maggio al 7 luglio 2013

inaugurazione 7 maggio 2013 dalle ore 18.00

la S.V. è invitata

Museo Minimo   via detta San Vincenzo, 3 (angolo via Leopardi, 47)    I-80125 NAPOLI     ITALIA

Friday, February 22, 2013

Museum of Artistamps (MOA) Inaugural Exhibit - Washington, USA - 2012

Front floor from left: Jack Lattemann of Cascadia Art Post, Robert Rudine AKA Dogfish Second row from left: Jeffrey Friederichsen AKA Jeffrey Dixon, Kathleen McHugh, Ed Varney AKA Big Dada, Anna Banana, CT Chew, and Jenny Hinchcliff AKA Red Letter Day  Third row from left: Steve Smith, Marvin Johnson of Bufoman/Bufopost (hidden), Sally Wassik,  Mateo de la Rosa (formerly Hamlet Mateo - Student of Mongo Isles), Harley (King of Terra Candella), Dale Roberts AKA Dame Mailarta, James Warren Felter of 5/5 and Mraur, and Adele Campbell-Varney. In the middle: the inimitable E.F. Higgins III         Photo provided by Kathleen McHugh