Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Carl Chew Visits GLPost Artistamp Museum and Archive - 2017

It has been 23 years since I last saw Carl. He's the one who was responsible for the chew performance with a group of artists eating a mail art book at Inter DADA 84. But more known now for his mastery of artistamp poster making.

We had fun in 75 degree weather looking at art, eating, talking, beach walking, etc.

Thanks Carl for your contributions here!

Commemorating Carl's visit; poster and postcards.

Harley 1940 - 2017

Harley of Terra Candella (1940-2017) A Master of Artistamps and a Great Friend... Never look back! Never forget... R.I.P. jas felter 

Artistamps from Steve Smith; honoring Harley

I first met Harley in 1981 at the Image Resource Center in Cleveland. He was planning a mail art networking congress in Europe and was waiting to hear about funding. He'd planned an European trip to meet several artists and was interested in my upcoming tour. We both had a healthy interest in artistamps and his work is well represented here in the museum. I would receive a phone call after each package was shipped to verify my receipt. Harley I'll miss your calls! ginny

From EF Higgins III – Harley Frances didn’t like to be called by this name. The first time I met him in the mail art network was with Buster or Anna or some sort of thing. Harley was married at the time to Cathy and he worked in the art department in Oberlin, OH. She worked as a cook at the local restaurant. They had several kids, one named Tristan. He donated half of his artistamp/mail art collection to Oberlin and the other half just recently. With help from Oberlin Harley flew 5 or 7 mail artists in for a show for a week, all expenses paid. There's a document Harley produced about the visit. I think amongst those attending were Steve Durland, Crackerjack Kid, and me. While there I had a rare opportunity to have Harley sit for a portrait. I painted him with his signature cigar and I thought it would be a good idea to include the Terra Candella unicorn. What happened next you cannot believe! I don’t remember how it all happened but the painting got smeared. It ended up in my studio in a pile with other paintings until now. I didn’t remember it until I heard Harley passed away.

Cascadia Artpost's Tribute 

Steve Smith's Tribute