How To Use This Blog Tips

A few people have mentioned they have found navigating around to be challenging. The sheer volume of work makes this a huge blog to view. If you are new to Blogger, yes it can be a different experience from most Web sites so I present these tips:

  1. Understand that the entries are in order of when the artistamps were received/posted dates.
  2. View the artistamps as you scroll down to the end of the page.
  3. To go to the next page, click Older Posts. This takes you to previous entries. 
  4. Repeat the scroll process. You are viewing works from most recent posts working backwards to earlier posts.
  5. Enlarge the image by clicking on it if you want a closer look.
  1. Find Blog Archive in the right hand column.
  2. Click on the triangle next to year of blog entry. 
  3. Next click the triangle for a month, then click the month name. 
  4. Follow the scroll process as explained above for the chosen time period.
  1. To locate a specific artist, find the Search This Blog box in the right hand column. 
  2. Type in a name, state or country. 
  3. Click Search. A list appears. 
  4. Choose the entry you want to see from the list. 
  5. A new window appears with the corresponding entries. 
  6. After viewing return to the list and choose from the list again.

  1. Purchase the catalogs for easy print viewing. 
  2. The catalogs are in exactly the same order as the blog entries, with smaller images and are mainly used as reference.

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