***Books and Items For Sale***

The following items were given to me to sell or they are my authored books. Funds from the sales support the museum costs. Ginny

Signed by both EF Higgins and Buster Cleveland in the 80s commemorating the event and show. A few copies of this vintage poster were sent to me by Higgins to sell. Stored in the original mailing tube all of these years. Price is currently $55 + shipping. Prices increase as the few we have sell out. Contact me directly.

Official museum artistamp sheet collectable at $35 to go with the museum books and catalogs. Signed by Ginny Lloyd.

New Book

Thirty female artists represent the growing numbers of women working within the confines of the stamp format. Individual artistamp histories, including some of the techniques used, are revealed in the biographies accompanying the art. We hope to enlighten and encourage future generations of artists to make artistamps. Foreword by C. Mehrl Bennett. The artists included are: Altschul, Antic-Ham, Banana, Baracchi, Bauwens, Bennett, Boschi, Cope, Cornyn-Selby, Davis, Dittberner, Hinchcliff, Kent, Lakner, Lamanova, Lloyd, Mailarta, Marlowe, Mary Anne, Nikoltsou, Patterson, Podob, Ronchetti, Rosenberg, Spathi, Stetser, Tavenner, TicTac, Wassink, and Weimer. For sale in both print and downloadable versions at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ginnylloyd
Note: Signed copies can be ordered directly from Ginny Lloyd.


Visual catalogs displaying the Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum's holdings. The 3 full color catalogs are available for sale in both print and downloadable versions at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ginnylloyd 

The 4th full color catalog is available for sale in both print and downloadable versions at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ginnylloyd 

 In 1986 artist Ginny Lloyd asked several artists to complete and return a page of artist made stamps (artistamps). The results are compiled into this fun book, demonstrating how artists use clever approaches to stamp making. This project was rediscovered in her archives during 2010. Includes Banana, Baroni, Bidner, Blurr, Pittore, Stetser, Cavellini, Dogfish, Dudek-Durer, LeClair, Fricker, Gaglione, Galantai, Held, Higgins, JES Archives, Hoffberg, Olbrich, Kantor, Lake, Lloyd, Spiegelman, Maurer, Johnson, Scott, Alter, and Worrell.To obtain a copy of this historical book go to http://stores.lulu.com/ginnylloyd


The books below are available through the museum from inventory provided by the authors to sell. All purchases are paid via PayPal with shipping and handling added. Please send an email to ginnylloyd@ginnyonline.com if you are interested in purchasing.

A new condition signed soft cover offset book printed in 1984 containing artistamp images by artist Ginny Lloyd plus postcards and separate stamp sheet included in the package. $60 + shipping is the special museum price.
Fine. 22.8 X 22.6 cm.; loose leaves  in envelope; black-and-white; edition size unknown; offset-printed Exhibition catalogue published in conjunction with show held January 11-March 1, 1987. Curated by Harley. Only 1 available @ $25 + shipping

New offset printed hard cover  in a very large coffee table book format with many wonderful pages of excellent politically-charged contemporary stamp art.@ $50 + shipping

New DVD that accompanies the book. @ $20 + shipping