Thursday, January 5, 2012

Make a Donation

Do you like what you see at this museum, and would like to support this project?

Now you have the option to make a financial contribution in any amount that will go to support this worthy project. All work on this blog and related efforts are generously donated by volunteers. But we need to raise funds for the archival storage of the artistamps so gratefully received from artists donating their works. Our storage is in a disaster resistant, climate controlled space, filed in archival sleeves and binders, costs us over $3,000 per year. Our rent on this space will increase in February and our archival supplies are depleted.

To date we have not included ads in between posts for asthetic reasons and would like to continue to follow this policy. But this means a monthly loss of potential income. Your support will ensure we will not have to raise operating funds in this manner. To our many visitors interested in artistamps who do not make stamps, this is a wonderful opportunity to contribute.

You do not have to give a lot to make a difference; we will gladly accept donations starting at $1.00 US on up, or in any currency (PayPal will convert the funds). Feel free to contact if you have any questions.