Sunday, May 9, 2010

W E L C O M E !

Gina Lotta Post was formed in the 70s out of my interest in creating artists' made stamps. When it began, I acquired a Rosback perforating machine (later sold), after many frustrating attempts to create perforations on the sheets I was making. I printed work on the color Xerox 6500 and when I had a body of work I began to meet/correspond with others who were interested in trading or bartering for my sheets. You can see my work at the blog titled Behind the Scene.

I've opened the Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum to showcase the collection and to encourage others to participate in the making and sharing of their artistamp creations. You can become a participant in this project by sending your artistamps to be reviewed for acceptance to the museum. You can also donate articles published about artistamps, some you've written, or other curious artistamp artifacts if you don't currently make artistamps.

All accepted works will be posted here on this blog and the first 100 artists ( Note: There are 100+ artists and the limit has been lifted so that more artistamp artists can be included in the book.) who participate will be guaranteed a spot in the upcoming book on artistamps. This book will be my second artistamp book and I hope you will enjoy it as well as Gina Lotta Post, the book, was received. Any forthcoming live exhibitions will be announced here. The best way to know when your work is posted is to become a follower of the blog. I also post announcements in the AML, IUOMA, and Fluxlist sites/lists So many people are responding, many without giving emails and addresses I've decided to do the announcing in this manner.

Guaranteed acceptance can be obtained by sending  signed full, unfolded sheets of stamps on any theme. I do not accept copies/photos of the finished sheets--I only accept the actual artistamps. Choose your best or favorite that represents your work(s). If you use a fantasy country or another name please include your real name (optional) and contact info clearly written somewhere in the contents of the package for documentation and crediting purposes. If you use archival methods (acid free paper and no glue/sticky backs) please state this in your info as well. Please also include the date of the piece(s) if not in the design.

Note: Individual (Cinderellas) stamps are accepted mounted on a signed plain sheet of 8.5 x 11 inches or metric equivalent, or presented in a creative manner, simply because loose stamps require higher maintenance and greater time during the scanning and archival storage process. Signed full sheets are greatly preferred. See the early Harley and Mateo posts to see how they presented individual stamps for suggestions on how to submit them. Digital artistamps (artistamps that exist in digital form only - not to be printed) are accepted only on CD/DVD with your name, dates, and signature on the CD/DVD with a cover page in the case describing contents.

All entries become the property of the museum and you grant full use in publications. No returns. Please email if you have questions and thanks in advance for your participation.

PS: Some people have asked if the stamps need to be perforated. The answer is they can be perforated using a Rosback or other means, or in your design. Whatever represents your own style. I do know a few people who have old perforating machines and I can refer you to them via email.

PSS: Since I don't always have everyone's email you can stay informed of updates and news by becoming a follower of this blog. Click FOLLOW in the right hand column. An effort to compile a contact list for all of the artistamp contributors was started but this became an overwhelming project in of itself and has been put on an indefinite hold. If you are looking for artists' addresses or wish to get into contact with anyone please use Fraenz Frisch's address list at

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