Sunday, July 9, 2017

Arturo Fallico - 1953 to 2017

Arturo was a good & faithful mailart correspondent with me, especially in the last couple years before he died. I did not know he was sick, so his death caught me unprepared. I miss him, that's all.  C. Mehrl Bennett 

For my Mail Art friends: I attended the memorial service for Arturo G. Fallico, Saratoga, California, April 22, 2017. He was my devoted correspondent for 30 years. John Held

I remember long abstract discussion-by letter-comparing the relative performance issues of Benelli and Beretta guns. We also did a little botany. An interesting guy.  Guido Bondioli 

I'm honored to have met Arturo and exchange mail art with him this past year -what a kind, delightful artist with a big, big heart.  Karen Chew

His postage will now be free in Mail Art Heaven...  Lowell Darling

So sorry to hear about Auturo. I got one of my first pieces of mail art from him oh-so-many years ago.  Sally Wassink 

Arturo was a very active (and reclusive) mailartist for almost 40 years. R.I.P., my old friend. Leslie Caldera

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